Pleading for condom, your best friend ever

If you want to enjoy sexual pleasure and fun you must be patient. Learning sex takes time and a lot of practice. If you may overlook some facts and if it does't work for the first time you can start all over again and gather experience, the info about the best way to protect yourself and to protect each other is a must before you do anything, before your first intercourse, or new relationship because it's never too late to learn about protection.

This information are very important for a safe and regarding sexual life. And if we talk about HIV/AIDS they are VITAL.

Protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancy is not only his or her concern (and definitely does not concern Cupidon). Protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancy equally concerns both partners. And what better proof of true love if not care for each other's wellness ?

As I have always said, the 100 % risk free sex is the one you don't have. All the rest means a risk. But that does not mean to hide yourself, to isolate, to become a nun or a monk. It does not mean to give up all the pleasures sex can give you, just to avoid the risk. It is enough to be aware of it and to know how you can side-step it. Safety will bring you calm and calm will increase pleasure.

Our sexual behavior it's a personal choice depending on many things. Our education (and not only sexual one), our culture, age, experience, religion, entourage, and at last but not list our zodiacal sign make our personality and our sexual behavior. It will be different depending on the above and this is normal. But we all must have something in common : our attitude toward negative aspects of sexual life. PROTECTION is the name of this attitude.

No protection method is at the same time cheep, easy to procure, handy, easy to use, not interfering with sexual act and without side effects for your body. Each method has its pros and cons. So you must find a compromise - as much pleasure as it can be and less risks, and that means CONDOM.

Some methods are useful against unwanted pregnancy, some are supposed to be useful against STDs but only condom frees you from BOTH RISKS AT THE SAME TIME. When used properly condom is the best way for people who are sexually active to help avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) (also known as sexually transmitted infections (STIs)) as well as help prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Condom also has the advantage of having virtually no side-effects.

The condom is a BARIER METHOD. It prevents unwanted pregnancy by acting as a barrier and preventing the man's semen from entering the women's vagina, so sperm can't reach a woman's egg. Condom also protect males and females from getting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, acting as a barrier to some organisms that carry sexually transmitted diseases, so these organisms cannot pass from one partner to another.

There are condoms for both males and females to wear. And when we talk about men condom there are dozens of sizes, styles, shapes, colors, flavours and other features of condoms to choose from. Some are supposed to have stimulating properties : enlarged tips or pouches to more easily accommodate the glans penis and textured surfaces such as ribbing or studs (small bumps). Some contain spermicidal lubricants already and some do not. You cannot say "I can't find the right one for me", belive me, it will always be a right one for you. Anyway, do you think condom is messing up your personal pleasure ? Then think how HIV can mess up your life ...

Yes, it's true, using condom might make you feel a little bit "different" as when you would were nothing. Actually, it's the main reason people invoke not to use a condom. But using a lubricant will make condom "invisible". Or if it's too streachy you can use a female condom. Making man's penis less sensitive condom may help better controll of the ejaculation and make it last longer.

Using condom, being always prepared to use one, having always one with you does not make you "easy target" or "cheep". On the contrary, it's a sign that your judgement is mature, that you know what is best for you and for your partner.

How can you make using condom less borring and more pleasurable ? Less stanjenitoare and more exciting ? Make foreplay more lasting and transform putting the condom into a part of the foreplay, into an erotic game. Use your imagination, be creative !

No matter you are straight or gay, you are couple or single, you are in an one night relation or a long lasting one, no matter you actually do it or you just "fool around", no matter you share a real penis or just a dildo, no matter it's about oral, vaginal or anal sex, make sure there is always a condom, in the right place, at the right time.

And don't forget, condom is not an "overall" ... it covers only the penis not entire body. So, if there are lesions on the labia or scrotum, obviously condoms do not cover those areas and will not stop genital transmission of these STDs. So beside using condom do open your eyes as wiiiiiiide as you can before doing anythig else.

And if somethin wrog happend, if there was an accident and the condom brokes, just go direct to your GP (as fast as you can) and tell him the whole story. He will know exaclly what's to be done.